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Writers' Weekend [Jul. 27th, 2010|09:02 am]

This year's Writers' Weekend was a great success--many thanks to jaylake and davidlevine for teaching again this year.

We held an organizational meeting to form a non-profit corporation which will be known as Cascade Writers. 

Next year's workshop will be held on July 21-24, 2011 at the beautiful Ocean Crest Resort on the Washington coast.  Our guest instructors will be Jay Lake, David Levine and Tor editor Beth Meacham.  You can email me at writersweekend at hotmail dot com for more information.
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Writers' Weekend f.k.a. Iron Springs [Jan. 26th, 2010|06:06 pm]

Hi, Everyone!

I'm just sending this along as a reminder that we are now accepting registrations for this year's Writers' Weekend to be held July 22-25, 2010 at the Ocean Crest Resort, just north of Moclips, WA.

Registration is $106 and includes your food for the weekend.  The hotel rooms are separate and you have to reserve them by paying one night in advance, so it wouldn't hurt to hurry up and do that, if you plan to attend.  We have a room block under 'Writers' Weekend'.

Our Writer Gurus for the event are Jay Lake and David Levine.

Email me at writersweekend@hotmail.com if you want to register or would like more information.

You can see more at www.WritersWeekend.com

see you soon!
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A Writer's Weekend 2010 [Jul. 2nd, 2009|01:43 pm]
Writer's Weekend, also known as the Iron Springs Writers' Retreat, is going back to being called A Writer's Weekend.

Our next event will be held July 22-25, 2010 at the Ocean Crest Resort on the beautiful Washington coast, just north of Pacific Beach.

Jay Lake and Hugo award winner David Levine have graciously agreed to being the Writer Gurus for the workshops.  The Thursday through Sunday event will include manuscript critique and other classes, as well as plenty of free time for writing in the oceanfront setting.  Registration will be $106 per person, including potluck meals.  Hotel rooms must be reserved separately by calling the resort at 1-800-684-8439. 

Seating is limited to 15 writers.  Many of our attendees are published, but the event is open to pre-published writers as well.

You can find out more about the event by emailing Karen at writersweekend at hotmail dot com.
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A Writer's Weekend cancelled [Oct. 8th, 2007|10:18 pm]
 We are sad to announce we will have to cancel next year's A Writer's Weekend conference.  Something has come up that makes it impossible for us to proceed at this point.

Some of us have decided to do a little get-together at some cabins on the beach for the same weekend - June 27-29, 2008.  If you are interested, there is no charge for the weekend - it's just a bunch of us getting together to write and hang out.  Jay Lake has agreed to be the Writer Guru for those of us who are lucky enough to soak up a little of his good writer mojo.  If you'd like to join us, please email me at writersweekend at hotmail dot com and we can talk about the details.

I'll be starting a new lj account with a different name, for personal use.  If you want to be on my new lj friends list, email me at writersweekend at hotmail dot com and let me know!
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Foolscap alert [Sep. 17th, 2007|06:09 pm]
 This coming weekend is Foolscap, at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Bellevue.  Charles DeLint will be there.  We'll be there, too, handing out candy.  I hope to see you there!
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(no subject) [Aug. 27th, 2007|03:39 pm]
Hello, Everyone!
hope you’re all having a wonderful summer!

Just a quick note to remind you we are currently accepting early registrations for the June 27-29, 2008 A Writer’s Weekend event.  The conference will be held at the beautiful Roosevelt Hotel in downtown Seattle.  After August 31, 2007, our rates will go up, so be sure to register early!
You can find our registration form online by going to http://www.writersweekend.com/2008-WW/2008-AWW-Registration.htm
We’ve added agents Jenny Rappaport and Spencer Ellsworth from the Lori Perkins Agency to our speaker list.  We’re also getting former EMT and police officer Lisa Preston to tell us the Top Ten Mistakes Made by Writers: Medical and Law Enforcement.

We’d also like to tell you about the new MJ Rose book, The Reincarnationist, due to be released September 1st.  If you liked The DaVinci Code, you’re sure to be a fan of Rose’s new book.
 Take care,
Karen Junker, Exec. Director
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Booksigning [Aug. 9th, 2007|12:53 pm]
Matt Ruff will be at Elliott Bay Books tonight at 7:30, reading/signing Bad Monkeys.  We'll be there!
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(no subject) [Jul. 25th, 2007|11:23 am]
We came home from writing group last night to a dark apartment.  The lights were on outside, on the outside of the building, but the power was out in all of the apartments in our building.  They weren't out in the buildings immediately surrounding us, but there was one other building with no lights on inside.

After losing lj for so long yesterday, it was kinda frustrating.  But we found some candles and flashlights and managed to make it through the rest of the evening.  The lights all came on in the middle of the night, of course.
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(no subject) [Jul. 22nd, 2007|03:02 pm]
We spent the morning at Medfest, watching dance!  What wonderful people we get to meet at A Writer's Weekend!xlana
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LJ issues? [Jul. 2nd, 2007|02:32 pm]
Obviously, my posting skills are not up to snuff -

I'd like to thank David Levine and Scott Hungerford, too...as well as all the other non-lj speakers:

Mary Louse Schwartz, Kate Austin, John Trombold, Kevin Trombold, Bill Branley, Chris Pramaas, Roslyn Duffy, Candy Somoza, Denny and Gayle Brandon-Behrend, Ray Rhamey, Darcy Carson and Nancy Burkhalter.

I'd especially like to thank Eilis Flynn for her help filling in for the Query, Synopsis workshop - she stepped in at the last minute when one of our other guests was unable to attend due to flight problems.
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